Summer has the innuendo of taking a break from life and having fun. As children, we were so excited to hear that last school bell ring for the year so we can rush home and play video games, stay up late and go to the pool all day long. The fun of just laughing about no homework to be done, no tests to study for and no curfew for bedtime made life that much more exciting.

For some of us that still hasn’t changed (lucky!); the rest have to grow up and get jobs and evolve into working adults. I spent the first half of my summer studying for my Nursing boards exam and luckily it paid off because I passed and am now a Registered Nurse in the state of Virginia as well as 24 other states. Essentially, this may very well be the last summer I get to have as a college student so I want to make every day count.

I have a bucket list, one of the more timeless goals is to watch a drive-in movie with my husband. Yes they do exist and they are absolutely wonderful. Make the most of your summer because you’re not getting any younger!

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