We’re Not Cavemen! We Have Technology!

img-1622127-1-RbfzfIndeed Patrick, we do have technology and it’s marvelous. Recently I had an upgrade from a dinosaur QWERTY slide phone to a Verizon HTC One. Huzzah! Who knew there was an app for just about anything; I can now do my blogging on the go with “WordPress” app, get an update on all my emails and social media, keep track of funds and organize my life just how I want it. Whilst perusing the seemingly infinite world of apps I came upon a couple that would be great for students.

The NOVA App: keep in touch with all of the events on your campus! Blackboard app, although I’ve heard good and bad things about it, I’d rather skip the middle man of opening up my internet browser and just get right to the site. I have my NCLEX exam coming up in just a couple of short weeks so I purchased the NCLEX Mastery app to help me with my core content and practice questions. Just for kicks I also downloaded Pinterest app for all of my creativity things like knitting, crocheting and more recently I’ve added bracelet making to the list.

Alas, the one thing that I have not evolved from was my neanderthal tendency to break things. July 5th was the day I broke my first smart phone.


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