Feeling Upset? Try these Pick-me-ups!



It’s perfectly normal to get upset or frustrated once in a while but it’s not normal to stay that way. Try cheering yourself up with these cheap pick-me-ups

If you have access to the internet:

-www.imgur.com = you’ll always find something to smile about

-www.wordpress.com = if you don’t already have one, make one to blog about why you’re upset and get it off your chest.

-www.givesmehope.com = Somewhere in the world someone else is having a bad day and there is someone wanting to help out.

-Video games (preferably ones you are good at) a great way to decompress, it keeps your mind off of whatever upsets you long enough for you to simmer down

-watch a funny video on Youtube or movie

-calming music

-window shop from your favorite store websites

-Message a friend about it

-MilitaryOnesource = if you are military or dependent

If you don’t have access to the internet:

-Hit the Gym or outside= Exercise burns energy and helps you let off some steam. Physically you can release endorphins and dopamine which decreases stress and helps you feel good.

-Read a book

-pick up your hobby

-play with your pets

-write an angry letter and toss it

-clean/organize your space: if you’re unable to exercise, this is great way to get moving and disperse negative energy

-Scream into a pillow. Trust me, no one will think you’re insane, just try to avoid screaming at someone.

-take a nap, old Irish proverb says “The two things you need to cope with life is a nap and a laugh.”

-Squeeze and relax different muscle groups of your body and breathe deeply and slowly with each squeeze.

Things that you should avoid to cope with frustration:



-recreational drugs


-self harm

-taking anger out on someone else

-breaking objects (phones, chairs, walls, faces etc.)

-driving (especially if you’re an angry driver)

-splurging aka shop therapy and if you decide to do so, cap it off at a certain amount

-sex = keep in mind that it does not matter if it’s with your spouse or significant other or a stranger, using sex as a tool of blowing off steam is unhealthy and toxic to a relationship.

It’s okay if none of these suggestions did not help you but I hope it inspires you to find what makes you feel good in a healthy way. Have a Happy Summer NOVA!

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