Student Parents

It’s an ultimate balancing act that I could not even begin to imagine doing in my life. But believe it or not, more adults with children are going back to college to complete degrees and/or get more education and a lot of them are friends that I have made in nursing school. Whether they are a mom or dad of a 1 month old or 21 year old, it’s a full time job to be a parent and a student. I surveyed the thoughts of said population of my nursing classmates and here are few tidbits on what they had to say.

“Oh gosh! Where do I start?! Okay I’ll message you after I put the kids to bed, dishes done, laundry folded and put away” *for privacy purposes I will only mention initials K.W.

“When classes were over last year, I took my 10 year old son and the dogs to the Dog park. When we arrived, my son looked around the van and seemed puzzled. He asked, ‘Where is your textbook and highlighters? How can we go to the dog park without that?'” M.K.

“My family has given me cookbooks for Christmas the past 2 years. I think they are trying to tell me something…” B.E.

“It’s a challenge.” B.G.

“Sometimes I come home and I’m just too tired to make dinner for my kids and tell them to make dinner for themselves. I missed so many softball games, I’m just so tired all the time. My spouse had to take over multiple times. I had to miss class because my kid was throwing up.”- Everyone

Like I said, I don’t think I could ever truly relate until it happens to me.  Take a moment to appreciate parents who are those superheroes of doing it all. Essentially they have at least 2-3 full time jobs, a student, a parent, a worker but only 2 they get to look forward to ending at the end of the day. In previous blogs I mentioned that being a nursing student is essentially the same thing as being in a lenient military. When a person decides to pursue nursing, their families also join in the cause, it’s noble but difficult. I would mention names but again I wish to protect my classmates privacy. I know some people who have 2 or more kids who are making it through school with straight As and others who are just barely making the cut. There are classmates who are pregnant halfway through the year and give birth and still somehow manage to catch up on months of lost work and feed their newborns. First steps, words, Halloweens, birthday parties were missed; anniversary dates canceled, family trips out the door, and children going to bed without a kiss goodnight because mom/dad is at clinical until 11pm. Parents are amazing and they will always have my respect for going back to school and balancing their family life, they truly prove Mark Twain’s quote, “It’s only impossible until it’s done”.


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