Class of 2014

Best of times and worst of times. That’s what Provost Foley had said to us the first day of orientation into the nursing program. Truer words were never said. Now I find that graduation has made the saying come full circle. We got through the worst of times and made them into the best of times. May 14, 2014 was the best of times to see all of our hard work pay off and the worst of times because I would not see my nursing family on a weekly basis.

I’m proud of all of 165 us and how we were able to adapt and overcome the various obstacles that were thrown in our path. There were times when each student had their doubts about whether or not they could make it and sadly some could not; but to those who did it was far from easy and barely manageable. It’s safe to say a majority of students missed family dinners, birthdays, soccer games, hang outs with friends, countless hours of sleep, and vacations but our graduation day made it all worthwhile.

Dr. Candy Cane happily informed us that our Associates in Nursing is the hardest step of all nursing and that the rest would be so much more forgiving. Now that this program is over I feel like I can do anything in the world. I plan to pursue my BSN from George Mason University and hopefully go on and get my Master’s in Family Practice. Maybe somewhere in their travel the world and have a family.

Once again, Congratulations Nursing Class of 2014! Your patients await you!




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