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If you are standard college student you probably have heard the phrase “I’d love to go out but I’m poor” from your friends or even said it yourself. Between paying for college and school supplies, gas and bills there’s little to no room for fun spending. But I’m here to help you understand that you can have fun and still have enough money to get by. Here are some tips to help you save money.

Set a budget. Like setting up your class schedule you need to allot time for class just as you need to allot money for bills. If you have a smart phone use your bank’s mobile apps to help you keep track of funds and set up different accounts: 1 for necessities, 1 for personal use and 1 for emergencies.

Don’t go out to eat. $40 for 1 night’s meal could have bought you 2 weeks worth of groceries. Instead just make yourself lunch and don’t get swept up in the newest Starbucks item that is a must-have.

Don’t spend time at the mall. The urge to buy something is too great. Instead go hang out at a park where you can hike and enjoy nature for free.

If you really want to go out and have fun, learn to sacrifice something else in exchange to keep yourself on budget.

Subscribe to Groupon, Living Social, and look for college student discounts. There’s always awesome deals for something fun i.e. a cooking class, clothes, jewelry, outings.

Invest time in DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. Youtube is an excellent resource for anything and everything. Instead of taking your car to the shop for almost triple the price, you can do it yourself for cheap.

Instead of raising your heating bill in the winter, wear a sweater.

Use your school resources such as student activities where students can learn about free events/food on campus.

Don’t use the AC option in your car’s air conditioning, some older models use up gas to keep you cool, instead just open a window.

Keep in mind the general rule earn $1 and spend 99 cents.

Get holiday shopping done early to avoid the rush and raise in prices in some department stores.

I hope this helps with anyone going through some financial struggle.


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