What Volunteering Can Do For You

One of NOVA’s greatest achievements is hosting numerous charity events and offering volunteer opportunities to faculty and students. For those of you who don’t normally volunteer or never have in past here’s a few things that may encourage you.

You will feel better about yourself. Doing acts of selflessness will never steer you into greed and will teach you humility and compassion. You’ll also see that your life is really not that bad compared to the starving children in third world countries.

It helps to start a network. In the long run it makes a difference to meet people who can help you in the future i.e. getting a job.

You can build your resume’. Hiring managers love to see that in your spare time you love to make a positive difference in the community.

Even though it might seem like work, volunteering can be fun! You meet new people and make conversations memorable. Who knows, you might even re-connect with old friends or meet a friend of a friend, I know it’s happened to me.

If you volunteer for a leadership role, you’ll hone your skills and boost your confidence as a leader.

You’ll always learn something new about the world and maybe yourself.

I never met anyone who said “Volunteering is a waste of my life”, so encourage you to try it at least once.

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