NOVA, Say it Loud Say it Proud

“Where are you going to school?”

*crickets chirping* “….Community College”

2 years ago I met a kindly gentleman at my Aunt’s wedding who was a successful business owner who boastfully said “NOVA? You should be saying it loud and proud! Nothing wrong with community college education!” and ended on a hardy laugh.

I began my NOVA journey in 2010 exactly 2 weeks after my high school graduation with high hopes of getting out early enough to go to a more “decent” university. Although I was accepted into VCU and GMU I turned them down to save money. It didn’t take long to realize that NOVA’s population was unique in a humble way. People from all walks of life came to this school for the sake of affordable education. Most outsiders of NOVA do not realize the true value of community college particularly of NVCC. It was ranked as one of the best accredited Community Colleges in the nation with ability to transfer virtually anywhere. The professors are wonderful and are no different from university professors (note: some professors of NOVA also teach at bigger named schools i.e. GMU and Mary Washington).

With 50% of my graduating high school class off to VT, UVA, JMU, GMU, RU, even Princeton, I saw a lot of them the following semester at the Annandale campus for the sake of catching up, re-taking classes or flunking out of their original school. NOVA was practically an educational oasis for students of any educational background looking to better themselves until they could get back on their feet to try for their university again without losing precious time and credits.

Ignore anyone who says “NOVA isn’t even a real college”, “NOVA is a place for dumb people” and remember this: It doesn’t matter where you go to school, just learn as much as you can to make the most out of it.

Be proud of where you go to school. NOVA is a beautiful college with a lot more to offer than most people think.

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