Spring Break Day 2

The weekend of spring break began with a lot of productivity which allowed me to enjoy the rest of my break. Sunday was officially the day I started my marking off things to do on my spring break list.

Remember that day was daylight savings “Spring Forward”.

The morning of my husband and I completed a 1000 piece puzzle and decided to frame it once it was glued it together. We hope to start a wall of puzzles. Afterwards we made delicious breakfast of pancakes, oranges, yogurt and coffee followed by a hike at a local park called Laurel Hill. Luckily it wasn’t too far away and there was a lot to do like horse-back riding (bring your own horse), fishing, golfing, bike riding and a farmer’s market (starts in May). Witnessed a youtube stunt of teenage cyclists having their friend jump into a lake whilst on his bike at full speed. Explored the grounds of an abandoned prison just off Ox Road (it would make for a fantastic fortress should a zombie apocalypse occur). Discovered some unique history behind it, dating back nearly 11,000 years ago when the lands were home to natives who had built a village before it was turned into a prison.

We hit up a bookstore where we found our second puzzle to complete and frame, and a couple of books that we started reading at Silver Diner. We tried a couple of their famous milkshakes in flavors of Brownie Sundae and Banana Nutella. We ended our evening with making plans for the next hike/adventure and a challenge. My challenge was to re-create the logo of Elder Scrolls Online via crocheting. Challenge Accepted my friends.

Until next adventure!

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