Spring Break Day 1

Hello Fellow NOVA goers!

Today I spent the first part of my spring break at the Johnson Center at Mason to get ahead in my studies. Reminder: the NOVA campuses will be open at normal hours if you want to place yourself in a productive environment to help you focus. This is also a way to fight off the “itis” of the first 8 weeks, take it from a professional procrastinator who is now in job transition to productive early bird, the stress of putting things off to until the last minute is not worth it. Studies show that if you repeat something 9 times, it will be stored into your longterm memory. Plus it’s a great ego booster for those who haven’t done as well as they would have liked.

On top of assignments, I’ve also been able to enjoy some me-time and have some peace and quiet (hint: 3rd floor Johnson Center is absolute silence). I wrote 3 letters to my pen pals and made some plans to go on nature trails that people have suggested. Called my parents to catch up with them (yes my semester has been that busy that I couldn’t even phone my family). All these little accomplishments went a long way for me.

Hope this inspires you to go out and be a person you can like better. studycat

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