Spring Break!

Finally we can breathe a bit easier for at least a few days with one less item to worry about on our list. NOVA officially next week Monday will be Spring Break. How are you going to spend it? As a busy student (among other roles that apply to you) there may be a laundry list of things that you let pile up. Not your fault, I am personally guilty of that too. So here’s a sample laundry list that I will go through this week

-Clean my room

-Catch up on my pen pal letters

-Read my textbooks

-Exercise more

-Go hiking on different trails

-Take a dance class

-sleep in ’til noon

-finish a 1000 piece puzzle

-Play piano

-redecorate the apartment

-organize my pile of notes and books

-Spring cleaning!

-try a new recipe

-crochet/knit something new

As a fellow student I know how the semester can really drag you down: your stamina, motivation and focus are completely nil just before midterms/finals. Take this as an opportunity to reward yourself for a job well done. And if you haven’t reached your ideal goals, take this time to reflect on your study habits, your schedule and your priorities. It’s a no brainer when it comes to Netflix vs. Studying but due to the laziness or so called “semesteritis” that you develop, Netflix is always the go to answer. Hint: the classes may not be in session but the campus will still be open during normal business hours. Use them wisely. You’ll come to appreciate a quiet library/study room.

If you’re one of the lucky ones going on vacation for break then kudos to you, stay safe, come back in one piece. Just make sure you don’t forget about your assignments that your professor gave you for break (insert rolling eyes). I shall end with this

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Make it count. Find a reason to keep your spirits up and your head on tight. If you don’t believe in yourself then find someone who does. Believe in the person that believes in your (Guren Laagan).

Happy Spring Break NOVA!

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