MEC Dental Clinic for NOVA Students

Every six month people need to go to the dentist for a checkup and cleaning. Two weeks ago in one of the Student life board I saw an ad about a NOVA Dental Clinic. Here is a few things that we all need to learn about the NOVA Dental Clinic.

To begin with the Medical Education campus provides dental services to students. Students of the MEC under supervision will perform the different services. This is what it means, if I go for a cleaning, it is expected that the process will take few appointments for completion. And each session will last couple hours.

Now here is the part that caught me by surprise, the price.

The price depends on who you set up the appointment with. The first time that I called, I was told that it will cost me $35, to me the price is reasonable. However, I was walking in the CM building and I saw a board with a different type of advertisement that said, “Free dental care, X-rays included,”  I called, and found out that this was part of the MEC dental program. So, I asked Olga why was she offering the same service for FREE? She replied to me by saying, “As a student I need hours of practice and I decided that I am going to give it for free to my patients because I can afford to pay for them and I really want to have patients.” She also explained that there are students who are unable to afford to pay for their patients so in that case the school will charge $35 for the services.

Also, Olga is looking for patients! You can reach her at 571-242-5078

NOVA’s Medical Education Campus is located at 6699 Springfield Drive, Springfield, VA  22150-1913.

Going to the dentist is really important for your well-being. Here is an article that explains why.

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