Fill out that survey!

Last semester, I accepted the challenged to go around campus and get people to fill out the Shuttle bus survey. It wasn’t really hard, because an incentive always catches people’s attention and encourages them to take 5 minutes out of their time to fill them out. Nonetheless, I saw a lot of students rushing and were not careful with their answers. I think you should know that your feedback is taken very seriously.

Today as I was checking my email I got a survey from NOVA about the student parking.

Why is it beneficial for us as students to fill them out?

It has a greater impact on the decisions that the staff and administration have to make. Without us filling this surveys many times they get away with making their own predictions about what we want and need.

Sometimes we fill them out without looking at the big picture. It’s our voice as a whole, so we have to look after each other and answer this questions thinking of the different possibilities. For example when they ask about parking, there is a chance that they may think about raising the cost of the parking garage or parking pass. The information that we provide can be used for or against us.

Take your time to read the questions and answering them thinking about your fellow classmates.

Here is the link for the Nova student survey on parking:



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  1. John says:

    You are right. We should not take any survey lightly. Once when I was traveling by train, the cleaning guy has given me a form and asked me to sign on it. It was actually a survey form mentioning how cleanly the guy is maintaining the rail compartment. Instead of asking to fill the form, he is asking me to just sign so that he will fill the form on his own terms. Instead of simply signing, I filled the form and then signed. So, please spare some time while filling survey forms.

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