Let it snow! Let it snow! It’s back to bed I go!

How to spend a snow day with a little help from Olaf.

How I spent my snowy day off from NOVA.

1) Slept in until it was 10am

2) Viewed the beautiful snow from my porch

3) Cuddled my kitten

4) Wore my fuzzy bathrobe all day

5) Caught up on some readings

6) Reviewed my lectures

7) Studied for an upcoming exam

8) Napped some more

9) Crocheted a tunic

10) Wrote a letter to my grandma

11) Danced around to dissipate some Cabin Fever

12) Brought my rabbit inside because her water was frozen

13) Constantly sang “Let is Go” from Frozen

14) Constantly sang “First time in Forever” from Frozen

15) Constantly sang “Do you want to build a snowman?” from Frozen

16) Typed up my drugs that I had to study

17) Cuddled with my husband

18) Watched it snow some more


19) Caught up on some house hold chores

20) Wasted time on multiple social networks

Unfortunately no snowmen were made that day by my hands but I had the opportunity to watch all my other friends and classmates take advantage of it. My high school biology teacher made a beautiful sleeping polar bear with her 3 sons. A few of my crafty friends decided to go skiing, study up on cardiovascular chapters and sleep in like the rest of the NOVA population. I hope you were able to take advantage of this free snow day whether it was catching up on homework, sleep or the most recent episode of your favorite series. Stay warm!


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