Crafting Stress Away

and mass destruction of stress

and mass destruction of stress

School and stress might as well be synonymous since you can’t describe one without the other (as with most cases of the NOVA population). A typical NOVA student/faculty member may also add job(s), sports, extra-curricular activities, family, social life, or lack of social life. So where in that list is there time in the day for some simple relaxation and why is crafting any where near relevant to managing a full plate?

I asked myself the same question about my stressful workload each semester. It wasn’t until I reached my second year of nursing school, as well as my limit of sleepless nights, that I took action to manage my stress. However, I can’t speak for others, only from my experience, but please believe me that it was well worth the investment.

A good friend of mine, for security reasons we’ll call her Belle, entranced me with her nimble fingers and the beautiful work she made after her yarn and needle dance was done. What caught my interest even more was that she looked so serene. I wanted to share in that magic that she was creating. During a study group she gladly offered to teach me the ways of her yarn work called knitting and crocheting. I fell in love with it right away. Although it took some time to properly execute the baby steps of yarn work, I found that as my hands kept busy, my thoughts all seemed to make sense. Not a single fear in sight. The anxiety and stress diminished with each new stitch. I loved it so much that my husband even started loving it too [watching me knit, crochet]. Before I knew it, Belle created an interest group at the Medical Campus called Craftaholics Anonymous that drew a a crowd of students and faculty members-All of them sharing crafts and more importantly having fun and decompressing from the rough week.

Every person of any skill level (beginner to master) that has come to the group has left with a smile and an experience they were happy to share. Being part of Craftaholics Anonymous has taught me that through small acts of teaching someone [with or without previous experience] a craft, you give them the opportunity to build their confidence and give them a healthier alternative to managing stress. There’s no time like the present to take care of your stress.

Also to clarify for those of you who may not know the difference

Crocheting is defined by the usage of a single hook.

Knitting is defined by the usage of TWO or MORE NEEDLES.

I hope you find your craft and craft on!


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