How do you start a club on NOVA Annandale campus?

To begin with I am a member of the Youth Christian Association! Join us every Tuesday at 2:30pm, everyone is welcome!

Starting a club is really encouraging to others because everyone wants to belong, and if you have the opportunity to do that and help your community-that’s a bonus!

How do you start a club on NOVA Annandale campus?

In order to make things easier, you have to talk to the Student life coordinator to check your club status. For new clubs, it is better to communicate with them so they can assist you. From what I have learned, here it goes!

  1. Have an advisor
  2. Go to the club orientation & advisor needs to go to their advisor orientation
  3. Hold an interest meeting
  4. Gather at 10 signatures of members (you can’t start a club with less than 10 people)
  5. Ask who would like to be an officer (They need to be enrolled in 6 credits and have a minimum GPA of X)
  6. Fill out a facilities form to reserve a room for your meetings
  7. Have an officer’s meeting to plan and make sure everyone is aware of their duty
  8. Advertise! TVs, Bulletin boards & networking sites!
  9. Decorate your club’s bulletin board
  10. Plan events that enrich your campus and your club’s purpose
  11. Fundraise (It is very important to plan in advance)
  12. Advertise!
  13. Prepare for your first meeting
  14. Request funding to the Student Government Association
  15. Be ready to compromise

I remember when I began my journey at NOVA, I wanted to start this club YCA. At that time, in my mind it sounded like it was really hard to do & I didn’t do it. Now, a month before I graduate I was given the opportunity to help out in continuing it. Isn’t that silly? Yeah it was challenging but it wasn’t as hard as I thought. The club got lots of help this time :)


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