Beautiful Eruption

This is a quick update about my whereabouts, beautiful eruption!

I had to make the decision during winter break to leave my commitment to the Student Government Association because I have to help my mom with my brother. After a year of being a member in the public relations committee, I had the opportunity to have a greater impact in the association as vice-president. So, it wasn’t easy, I cried. I got emotional because for a semester, my whole world revolved around SGA and I felt like I was losing opportunities mainly because of my age. My mom told me, “If this was happening two years ago, it will be a different story.” It was my family that I had to prioritize and I had to be an active big sister in my brother’s life. I knew that it was the right thing to do.

I always think that there is always something bigger waiting for you when a door shuts down. So then, why when I had to shut a door, I felt like nothing was going to happen? As I was thinking about my decision, I thought to myself that my dreams were fading and my brother’s dreams shine brighter compare to mines. It was his turn and he needed my support to accomplish them. I was scared of not being able to get out of this social class, and regretted not making the decision to go to college sooner.

However, I took a risk and I trusted God to lead me and He is. It’s being a month and I’m ok. I have always known that life is not about titles, wherever you go it’s your duty to BE DIFFERENT and leave a positive mark. Therefore, nothing has change. I’m happy because to begin with there is a sense of accomplishment that I have as a former SGA member. I was part of the scholarship that they are about to advertise (so I Hope), I thought them about making relationships with other clubs by attending their meetings, and I advocated to have the documents uploaded to the website. I was there with goals, and did my best to achieve them. I did my best and it’s done. I now have been applying to different internships, universities and taking my brother to soccer practice feels nice. There is something exciting about trusting that somehow one day, I will get to be what I was born to be.

So, if you are going through a change, it is normal to feel sad or like nothing good is going to happen to you. Life surprises you when you least expected, and embrace the new opportunity that you have been given even if it makes you cry. The present becomes so special if it weren’t for those confusing & hard times.



Let’s not give up!

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