A balancing act

Sometimes, I feel that life is a big balancing act between work, school and family. You don’t want to neglect one and you don’t want to pay attention to only one. Today I wanted to write about the methods I use to balance my life.


Planning your week ahead of time is very important. You may already know what you are doing in each class, this makes it easier to plan things out. I like to keep a agenda where I write my  homework and shifts for work. It is useful because this way I know what to expect and know how much free time I may have.

Don’t procrastinate 

When I feel like I have 10 million things to do I make sure to not to put it off  for the last minute. ( This is easier said then done.) If you break things up you will see that it makes it much easier to complete. It could be a big project you have and by splitting it up you end up with more time to yourself.

Don’t make everyone happy

Okay, this is not easy for me. It is really hard for me to say NO because I feel that it may offend someone. However, if you know you won’t have enough time just say ” No, I am sorry.” Trust me they won’t be offended. This lets you have time to finish your work and spend time with your family.

Every second counts 

I have a little sister who is 4 and every little second I am with her it means a lot to me. This is why I take the time to read to her and play with her. It might be for 10 minutes but it truly makes a difference. If you have a loved one make sure you spend sometime with them even if it is only for 15 minutes.

Well then, I hope you find this useful and comeback next week for a new post!



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