Are you a student entrepreneur? Meet Jon Koehmstedt

Hi my name is Jon and I’m a student entrepreneur. I took a non-traditional route to education when I started an e-commerce business at 18 that I ran for 6 years and eventually dissolved to go back to school full time as of August 2013. I decided I did not want to start a business again until I graduated with my bachelors degree, so that’s where I put all my focus. I’m a full-time student at NOVA right now studying both Computer Science and Finance. I hope to transfer to Stanford University in next fall to complete my degree in Computer Science.

Well I said I didn’t want to start another company before I graduated but it seems like the lifestyle gravitates towards me. I have not started my own company but I am working with a couple startups in DC currently. In fact I’m currently blogging to you right now from UberOffices (a co-working space) on 18th st where dozens of startups gather everyday to “do-or-die” as they build out there newly formed or transitioning businesses.

I hope to bring you the perspective of a student/aspiring entrepreneur with big dreams. My goal in school was to maximize my learning, my connections and friends, and my experience in every way possible. I started the Society for Business and Entrepreneurship to bring together other like-minded students to learn about entrepreneurship, I am currently the president of the Youth Christian Association, I’m also the President of the NOVA National Society of Collegiate Scholars Chapter, and I try to stay informed of what’s going on in the school. I will try to keep you up to date with events and things happening around the school related to student life that hopefully you will find interesting.

Please follow me and comment on my blog posts, talk to me, and ask me questions. I want to hear what you all are thinking and what questions you have. You can connect with me here on the NOVA Student Blogs or on twitter @TheJKFever

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