Real talk

Important things to keep in mind when you go to a conference. Remember leadership is a journey, take it everywhere you go!


Take time to think about the purpose to why you are going to the event. It is wise and it will be easier for you to make choices when it comes to planning. Investigate about the different workshop prior to attending. Nowadays you can do some research through Facebook. Sometimes they may have an app that you can download to your phone. Review you itinerary, so you are aware about location, dress code, and budget.

Check in/out with your advisor

You have the obligation to report to your advisor. They are in charge in making sure that you are present, and healthy. When you go in groups, the group itself benefits from knowing your whereabouts. Keep your phone charge and with you at all times to be alert about sudden changes. If you know you are going to be absent let you advisor know in advance.

Be on time

By being late you are missing out. For example, activity information, seating arrangement, etc. I mention seating arrangement because you are paying for your seat, might as well take full advantage of that. Also, whenever you go out, you are representing yourself if you are late you might come off as a person with bad habits.

Talk to others

When you take extra time to greet others you are extending the possibility of creating new friendships, network, exchange ideas and forming alliances. Your experience can only get better when you open up to others. You will have nice memories and plenty of practice in small talk doesn’t hurt.

Take extra clothes

If you take time to look at your itinerary in advance, you will know about the dress code. From experience, you want to take an extra pair of shirts and pants or shoes because you want to be fresh at all times. It is possible that you participate in outside activities so groom yourself and change your attire accordingly!

Ask questions

During the conference become an active participant by engaging yourself in the moment. When you ask questions you are challenging others, solving problems and learning more. Active listening goes in both directions so when it’s your time to speak, voice your questions.

Take notes

A month from now, you will forget 50% of the information you were given. When you take notes it allows you to meditate on it and review the information afterwards. You can also share with others later and have a better understanding of the material you covered during the session that you attended. It can lead you to producing change and implementing them in your life and environment.


When you participate in the activities, offer to help, and socialize-you are participating. It is during your free time that you can gain real hands on experience as well. A good attitude can turn a problem into an opportunity. Going out of your way; you can interchange ideas with someone or give an advice. There is a time for everything, so make sure you add to your schedule “socializing time.” You are useful and your mood will be better because you are taking time to relax.


You are not on a vacation! You will get tired from your busy daily schedule. Sometimes conferences are half day and you will have a lot of free time. Still, you need to be mindful of the schedule and respect it.



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