Hello there, my name is Fiza Jabeen and I was recently accepted as a Student Blogger for NOVA. I have not blogged for over three years, back in 2009 I ran a website that reviewed products sent for endorsement purposes from various technology based companies. I’ve never really enjoyed writing, and thought this would be a great opportunity to give blogging another try. I attend the Annandale Campus, and I’m majoring in General Studies, but my strong points are in marketing and psychology, I’m having trouble settling down with one major, hopefully soon I’ll be able to pick from one of the two. I have already sorted out so many career options, such as a teacher, pharmacist, social worker, and more. After I graduate with my bachelors’ degree I would hope to move to California and pursue my interest in the entertainment industry, I’ve wanted to act ever since I was a little kid. In fact, I have already developed relationships with a few actors, producers and singers. The producer of iCarly invited me to the set before the series ended, unfortunately due to travel expenses and time constraints I wasn’t able to meet the cast and crew. Here’s to a great semester and look forward to many more blog posts from me!

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  1. Jarin K. Eva says:

    Dear Fiza !

    I read your blog!!! I have a Nikon D5200. I’m a new camera user! Can i meet you? I want to talk about a lot of stuff! I’m a first semester student. I’m from Bangladesh ! :) I’m also interested to move to California for my Bachelor’s.

    Reply back asap !

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