My first blog ever!

Hello, so my name is Aaron Deneau and this is my first official post. I’m excited to begin this journey as an official NVCC blogger. This is my first term at the Manassas Nova campus and I am also in the honors program. My primary area of study is biology and global health (pursuing a career in the field of epidemiology), but I also have a wide variety of interests: playing the piano (from classics to modern pieces), hiking, cooking (primarily grilling), running, cycling, etc. I love going on spontaneous trips with friends or solo on a free weekend. My short term goal is to complete a half-marathon by summer 2014. Outside of the classroom I am an active volunteer in the Emergency Department at the Novant Health Prince William Medical Center. I’m going to try to post a blog daily from Monday to Friday about things that matter to me and events occurring at the NVCC Manassas. Sure it’s going to be tough to post a blog daily during a five day period, but I’m convinced that there is plenty of events presently occurring worth discussing.

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  1. fjabeen says:

    Nice to meet you, Aaron!

  2. Allyson says:


    Hi there! I too have always wanted to start a blog as I love to write, but have not made the time to do so. I will be back to read your posts though.

    It sounds like you have quite a full plate with nice variety of activities. I imagine that your parents are so proud of you, I have a son who will be entering college soon and I hope that he has the drive and stamina that you appear to possess to do well.

    I wish you best of luck with your studies and career choices.

    Fellow Newbie,

    Allyson Avery

    • adeneau says:

      Thanks Allyson! I had midterms this week with one more still to come on Saturday so I unfortunately I wasn’t able to blog every day like I wanted too, but I plan to pick it back up on Monday.

      As for starting a blog, it’s an interest that I’ve had for the past 3 years and I’m just putting this idea into fruition. I’m thankful that you are willing to read my posts! I hope to post blogs that are of interest to you and other readers.

      My parents are very proud of me and I would say that your son is very lucky to have a mother like you. It’s interesting that you bought up the idea of your son entering college for the first time because I want to post a blog about my first year college experiences and what I would tell to an up-coming freshman. Stay tuned on this one…

      Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post!

  3. Aaron Deneau I wish you the best in your blogging experience. Blogging can be fun and it is not easy to do. My number 1 tip to all and any Beginner Blogger is to have a blogger mentor. A professional blogger that will motivate you to keep blogging.

    I wish you the best in your journey. Cheers! to your success.

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