Academic Career – Motivation and Anxiety.

I’ve came across many classmates that weren’t/aren’t sure of the path they are pursuing with their academic careers or simply, lacking the interest to continue on with studying. I believe that this is an important topic to touch upon that may be overlooked at times. My personal take towards this matter -as it was once my fear during my initial college career- is as follows:

* Study what you find joyous to YOU. Family and friends can give you their own opinion of your major but they won’t study for you.
* You’re in school already, which is the hardest step of all. So, keep it up!
* Positiveness and drive hold enormous power to push us through semesters on end. Hang to ‘em tight and enjoy the ride towards academic success.
* If you’re struggling to stay motivated, there many activities, groups, societies and classes that you can become part of to instill that motivation back! Don’t be ashamed to ask.
* This is your life and your career. Make it count and don’t be afraid to fail. This is college, not space travel. We ALL can do it!

Happy new year and let’s knock this semester out of the ball park! President’s list guys, aim high!

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  1. Ryan says:

    This post is spot on! I finally figured out a major and chose something that I am interested in. I am doing criminal justice. I am so happy that I found something I actually enjoy learning about. This makes me want to aim high and achieve all of my goals.

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