History Channel Special Coming Up

I was watching tv this afternoon, and this caught my eye.

Coming up in about one week the History Channel will be having a four night special, appearing from Tuesday, January 15th- Friday, January 18th, each night at 9pm, about all 44 presidents that our United States of America have experienced. From 1789-2013 they will trace back and highlight the accomplishments and stories of these astonishing men in history and bring back to us what may have been forgoten over the many years from the presidents past.

I will surely watch at least one night of this special, and hopefully all four of them! I feel that most people of our age (the younger student population) overlook the history channel and don’t take advantage of its availability and knowledge. But, I particulary love to watch it for what it has to offer.

I hope you all try to catch at least a glimpse of this program coming up and share it with others! Power to our past and future!

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