What a crazy Semester !!! But, it was worth it !!


To be honest, I never expected this Fall 2012 to be so full of activities, homework, exams, and quizzes. I am aware that college life is surrounding mostly by school work, but this semester was over the top. Don’t missed understand, I DID learn so many new things yet the work load was descent, but challenging at times.  Well, I am a math major and I think I should be use to solve math problem after math problem; but just remember that it does not matter if it is your first semester in college or your last, take some time to relax from the school work load.

There is always time to relax while doing homework, take a study break here and there. If you are in the library, step outside for five minutes, take a coffee break, and if your in your room try to go to the living room or the kitchen (eat a light snack or drink something).

Anyways, the Fall 2012 semester is over and now is time to relax. Yet, Spring 2013 is just 2 weeks and 2 days away; enjoy the rest of your winter break and get ready because Spring 2013 would bring a lot of fun things to do.

Happy New Year!!


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