The Holiday Season is Almost Over!

The hash slinging, sash bringing, the serial butt slasher! As odd as the name the media has given Johnny D. Guillen, it’s proper for him. He would cut women’s buttocks with a razor blade or a box cutter in the Northern Virginia area in malls like Tyson’s and Fair Oaks. He is known to distract women and get behind them and slash through their jeans. Police of Fairfax County has a warrant for his arrest since the claims of attacks between February and July of this year. He targets females in their teens and early 20’s. The police has found evidence that he has lead the country and is now in Lima, Peru. They do not know how he left the country.

With that said, I hope everyone is staying safe this late in the Holiday season. Especially with today being “The Last Day of the World”. Well seeing as how we’re still here, it’s safe to say the world hasn’t exploded. Please stay safe these next couple of days with people shopping and staying out late. I hope you all enjoy the break.

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