Introducing … Amir Abdelameer

Amir Abdelameer

Amir Abdelameer

Aloha fellow mates. Before delving further, I would like to thank the College for providing such a medium for its students. My name is Amir Abdelameer and I’m a native of two NOVA campuses, Annandale and Alexandria. I began my higher education journey at NOVA in the summer of 2010, filled with bliss yet anxiousness. It was not until I made myself comfortable in my first ever college seat, that I gained a firm grasp over the idea that “College isn’t as difficult as it may seem, and I shall be grateful rather than distasteful.” I’ve now completed 60 percent of what I need to obtain an Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology. As a child, computerized machines were fascinating to me, with their blinking lights and the ability to respond to their “user” in silence — it was pure art to me. I am driven by a firm ambition to chase the many passions I’ve procured in this great land of opportunity. It is an honor to extend my intellectual substance to NOVA students and I hope that you’ll find my input of substantial worth and value.

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