Best Time of the Year

Some of you have finished exams, others are still moving preparing for them. As for myself? I’m just trying to finish the semester as best I can. I’ve been at NOVA for three semesters already and not one has ever gone along a perfect plan I set myself up for in the beginning. Everyone sets themselves to have the best grades and not miss a single class. Well the weather lately has made us all get down on our knees and ask to not get sick the week of finals.

I spent the entire semester perfectly healthy with a better attendance than usual. The week of finals, I’m trying to get by the day fully awake and not on, the ever favorite, ROBITUSSIN.

This is usually a cheery time for people, the holidays are coming! For students? We’re just trying to get through the last stretch. Most NOVA students I talk to say they spend a lot of their time outside class working a part time or full time job. We don’t have time to get sick!

I hope you all bundle up! (I’m not talking about your nerves for the exams either!) Get good sleep and take as much Vitamin C as possible! This time of the year is only good if you make it be.

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