To All The Young Politicians Out There…

This is my first post, and I am addressing all of the young students out there. More specifically, those under the age of 18 years old.

When we hear, and think, about the government and other political issues, they are much to often directed towards the older population! While they, of course, are a big part in contributing to these topics, we need to include the younger generations so that later on they know where they stand and want to be a part of this huge organization that is so much bigger than them.

Even though it takes some searching to find posts and articles geared more towards the younger people, they are out there. Below are some links to a few that I found intriguing, and hopefully you all will too.

So, to those who are young: get on out there and involved with government issues! and, those who are older: help promote the involvement of those younger than you!

Every voice counts and helps us become one step closer to accomplishing great feats in our nation.—-into-the-voting-booth/

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  1. Linda Simmons says:

    Hey, Taylor:
    I could not get the links to work.

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