November Rain

I spent most of last night coughing, but I have resigned myself now to a kind of working rest intent on seeing health fulfilled rather than failure realized.  The semester at NVCC Loudoun Campus winds to a close mid-December and my schoolwork with the University of Virginia BIS program now reaches for its rest; I am lumbering through the final chapters of Hector Tobar’s Translation Nation: Defining a New American Identity in the Spanish-Speaking United States.  In a few weeks, the semester at both programs will close, and I’ll get ready in some capacity for Spring 2013.

During a cold, rainy day like this, life as a student seems at its basest; a perfunctory, matter-of-fact cycle of days of waking and sleeping, of working and resting, of reading, writing, and thinking.  With days like this, however, I’d want to know in the immediacy of a second that what I’m doing matters, and that for eternity.  I hope it does, and I pray more that your efforts matter for you as well.

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