Who are really “our” professors at NOVA?

Who are the people that teach “our” classes at NOVA?

College is not easy or cheap, we all know that. Therefore, many students (including myself) look for different ways to save money as much as we can through out the years in college. However, several of us complain about many things in college such as the exams date, the cost of books, excessive readings, and the most minimal detail (and I don’t blame any student, especially in this economy). But, how often do we think about our professors as more than just the person in the front of the classroom with the job of delivering concepts, information, and who assign homework?

Many of you might say there is nothing else to think about our NOVA professors. Yet, that’s not true…”How so?” You might ask…

Most NOVA students might not know this, but more than the half of professors at NOVA have doctorates (the highest degree a person can hold). They are not “just” professors, but also leaders, researchers, and dedicated human beings. Many times, students go to classes and do not appreciate the amazing opportunity that NOVA students have.

Did you know?

Several professors have contributed in one or other way with the textbooks that thousand of students use each semester, but not just in Northern Virginia orVirginia, yet nationwide. Such as (but not limited to):

Chemistry Professor, Dr. Katherine Burton, from Alexandria Campus has recently being part of the second edition of “Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach” as a review.

History Professor, Dr. Terry Alford, from Annandale Campus is the author of the award-winning book Prince Among Slaves (1978). Dr. Alford has being also nationally recognized and has appeared on “20/20,” ABC News, the History Channel and many more.

But, NOVA professors come from many places and diverse backgrounds. Some have even served in the different military branches (Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, etc) and governmental agencies as well through out their years, way before becoming professors at NOVA. Such as (but not limited to):

Mathematics Professor, Richard Pellerin from Annandale Campus.

Mathematics Professor, Terrence Krize from Annandale Campus.

Communication Professor, Philip Tirpak from Annandale Campus.

Administration of Justice, Dennis Staszan from Woodbridge Campus, Has investigation and training in the FBI for more than seven years.

NOVA has several dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate professors and all that can be appreciated in the classrooms and lectures. And it does not matter, if it is either through dynamic, interesting, and culturally rich fieldtrips of any communication class of Professor Tirpak, or through a magnificent U.S History lecture of Dr. Alford (which could not be just interesting, but eye opening for those who U.S History might be somewhat “just” a subject).

So, next time you attend class, do not “just” take notes, ask questions and listen carfully. You might discover something beyond the “boring” text book lecture (as many of you might be familiar to).

~Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions~


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2 Responses to Who are really “our” professors at NOVA?

  1. Dan Jenkins says:


    Great post! Really valuable info. Here at Loudoun, many of our humanities professors are published as well. Nathan Leslie, English Professor, has published many volumes of short stories, a volume of poetry, and a forthcoming novel. Keep up the good work. Worthwhile post.

    Your blogging partner, Dan

    • Jennifer Rogel says:

      Thanks Dan,

      It actually fascinating how prepared and the work our professors have done and keep doing. They are truly inspiring.

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