Interdisciplinary Studies

On August 28, a little over a month ago, I began work on a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree through the University of Virginia.  The obvious miracle of this degree (besides its friendliness to students of any age) is the short distance I travel from employment to class.  I take two classes “Nationalism and National Identity,” and “Risk in Society and Business” with two excellent UVA professors – Ann Marie Plunkett and Bobby Beamer.  I can honestly say that the uniqueness of this degree – and the opportunity granted to adult students like myself – continues to surprise, challenge, and enlighten me.

The degree – an interdisciplinary studies degree – places UVA professors in satellite, hybrid, telecommuting community college environments across the state (Tidewater CC, Piedmont CC, Richmond, as well as the Loudoun and Alexandria campuses of NVCC), and offers a broad liberal studies approach.  Classes often meld history, humanities, literature, sociology, psychology – with a firm and committed emphasis on writing – in the hopes the student develops critical reading, writing, and research skills.

Proximity and diversity are not the degree’s only benefit.  Adults can continue to work part time.

Personally, I could not imagine a better fit.  And for any interested NVCC student nearing associate degree completion, or any interested adult student for that matter, please visit the UVA School of Continuing and Professional Studies website for more information.  In addition, I will post a link to Richard Johnson’s article on the new program in The Loudoun Lantern when the issue goes to print (so to speak).  Johnson, I promise, will do a much better job of describing the program than I could.

Students, autumn is here.  Press on with studies, and press on with growth.

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