The Learning Commons

View from the Learning Commons Building (LC), Loudoun Campus, August 2012

I can remember watching the thing go up.  At first, the structure looked like a slowly hulking skeleton of steel, concrete, and glass, lumbering to form in the winter of 2011-2012.  I could see men in hard hats working it to form.  The construction never got in the way, the noise was always at a minimum, and the sight of the construction never unsightly.  I can now say, however, that the new Loudoun Campus Learning Commons building was well worth the wait.

This building is awesome.  The college built a great building.  The interior is completely comfortably and well-lit with plenty of natural sunlight.  I love it.  I’ll have class in Room 211 tomorrow night, and I’m looking forward to it.  I especially enjoy the skylight in the north end of the building, which shields faculty and staff offices from a sitting area on the second floor.

The Learning Commons Building (LC), Second FloorLoudoun students will have to wait a few months, I believe, for the library to come to form.  However, if you’re considering Northern Virginia Community College, the new Learning Commons building is a fairly convincing bargaining chip.

Again, sorry for the impromptu quality of the photographs.  Stop by and check it out!

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