How was the First Week of classes?

Does the semester seem overwhelming yet?

If so, relax!!! Take a deep breath…!!!

I know classes might seem difficult now by looking at the syllabus. On the other hand, college professors tend to assign bigger amounts of work over longer periods of time, so you’ll lack the daily deadlines many high school courses provide. This makes it seem like you have plenty of time, but don’t be fooled! DO NOT PROCASTINATE…Believe me you WILL regret it.

As a freshman, I didn’t pay attention to what other people told me about college, I graduated with an “A” average GPA from High School. So, I thought I “knew everything” about college back then (Boy, I was WRONG); however, it took me more than a couple of semesters to get use to the college system. IF I have to give you (first year or returning students) any three top tips or MAJOR advices to succeed in college class; they would be…

1)      Read chapters or any reading assignments ahead of time, if you have background information about the subject; it would be way easier to understand the material during the lecture (regardless of the subject)…

2)      Sit in the first three rows of desks facing the board; it would be easier to concentrate. Some people like to sit at the back of the classroom; the down side of this is—too many distractions (specially in big classes, 70 to 100+ students)— I know that behind 20 or 40 students you might feel “comfortable” at the beginning. But, it would be hard to hear the lecture, you might get distracted by looking at your classmate surfing the internet in his laptop (while the professor is talking) or you might feel like texting and loose track of the lecture and important announcements.

3)      Find your balance between: School work, fun and sleep time…

Anyways, I have to go back to do some reading and homework. I have a quiz schedule for Wednesday. And I know you have school work as well—-So, good luck !!!!

Welcome Back Returning Students and Welcome to NOVA New Students!!!

I wish you all a “Great Semester” !!!!

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