School’s Not Out For the Summer

I can’t pretend this new post has meaning.  After finishing two sections of Geology – 105 and 106 – I spent three weeks visiting family and preparing to attend UVA classes at NVCC Loudoun for the Fall 2012 semester.  I’ll write more about the University of Virginia Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program in partnership with NOVA later on, but for now, I’ll simply reflect on the nature of returning.

As I sat in the lobby of the Reynold’s Building this morning, I felt as if I’d been gone longer than 11 days.  The new Learning Commons building piqued my curiosity the most – probably moreso than the many smiles I received from folks who I’d never smiled at before.  There was a sense of kindness, like rekindling old friendships after severe time and distance.

I’m excited for this new semester.  I’ve purchased a new parking pass ($105.00, up from the previous year’s $75.00) early for the first time since I began work as  a Writing Center Consultant in August 2010.  I am truly excited.

I’m also recognizing the glaze of age clearly evident in every step, every breath, and every word.  Even though school wasn’t “out for the summer” for me, I know that many of you had wonderful vacations.  I’m glad.  Now we get to work again.

I’ll check back in a few days.  Welcome, new NOVA students!

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