First Day of Classes…Should I skip it?

Is the first day of class basically the same (regardless of the subject)?

I wouldn’t say the “same.” All subjects and professors are different; some professors review the syllabus and its procedures during the first class meet, some others review the syllabus for a couple of minutes and then they start the lecture (in the first day)!!! The number of sessions each class meets a week and the time required influence a lot in the semester.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if you are a new or returning college student; there are two major key recommendations for the first day of class:

1) Check your Blackboard (BB) and email account at least 1-2 days before the first day of class for any professor’s announcement or class material (of any subject). IF, you don’t have any announcements in BB, do not worry, just wait until the class meet.

2) DO NOT SKIP THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS, remember this is not high school anymore and the time you don’t spend in class is literally a WASTE OF MONEY.

I being checking my BB and email account lately and one of my professors has already posted an announcement for the class, the syllabus, 3 chapters Power points notes, formula sheets, the first 3 chapters’ homework, and 10 worksheets (12 questions average in each sheet).

Does that means I have to print and read everything right away? NO!! Yet, it wouldn’t be bad if I take the time to read the syllabus and take a look at the course work to get familiar with the subject. I did read the syllabus and took a look at the coursework, so, I decided to print the syllabus and a couple of the course work that was posted (at least chapter one).

My point in all of this, it is not to scare you, but to let you know that just because classes haven’t even started that doesn’t mean there is not information online (regardless of the class you’re taking). Many professors post announcements a couple of days before the first day of class to welcome students and some of them, like my Chemistry professor, post coursework as well.

So, be aware and go ahead; check your email or blackboard now. Who knows? You might check the syllabus and see what textbooks are required for your classes (order them ahead of time and you could avoid long lines in the bookstore and may be even save some money as well).

Hey, don’t forget to bring a notebook and pencil the first day of class! First rule of college…..


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