Chickens and Eggs

Let me share a story of a student named Bob. *name changed for privacy*

This person got me interested in the program. He spent years working and saving up for tuition and supplies for the program. Bob and I were working on preparing for TEAs test for admittance into NOVA’s Nursing Program. As we sat in the forum with our test prep books and other pending nursing students, we discussed what we would do in case we don’t get in. Many of us had at least 1 other path we could take, Bob on the other hand replied: “There’s no Plan B, I’m getting in no buts about it”. His stubbornness gave me a bad feeling. I wished my prediction would be wrong but as fate would have it Bob didn’t pass the TEAs on his final try. He didn’t talk to me after I got into the Nursing Program.

Why do I share this? Expect the worst but hope for the best. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

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Number of Hours a Student Needs In a Day

Let’s say Father Time heard your cries for mercy and gave you more time. Ideally this is the list of hours of what I would have in a day.

8 hours for sleeping

2 hours for making myself a healthy breakfast and actually getting to shower

8 hours of work

8 hours for sleeping

4 hours of class

8 hours of time for reading and homework

2 hours at the gym

5 hours for myself and my husband


3 hours of chores

48 hours for a single day. Of course if you have children or other responsibilities you’d have a much longer day. Why did I choose to write about this fantasy life? It makes you realize that life is too short and too busy to fret over the small things. Cherish every moment of sleep, kiss, hello and smile. We live in a world where we can’t afford to be selfish with time. 24 hours a day is all we’re given so make it count and make it a memory.

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What Makes a Good Study Group

I have been in more than enough study groups to point out what makes one successful and what makes one a complete dud.

1. Preparation: Before meeting together, each member should prepare what they want to go through, questions, and read up on materials. Keep study groups to five people at most. Plan to bring any books or resources to the table that will help guide your studies. If you use your laptop or mobile device try and not to get distracted with social media. You should also plan on how you will study, for how long, where to study, and when to take breaks (bring food for the group if you can).

2. Ask questions. Your question might be someone else’s question too and with more hands on deck there could be more effective searching for answers. Practice questions with rationales also help cement the material into your long term memory.

3. Avoid distractors. It’s okay to get off topic but keep it controlled; sometimes it helps to appoint a leader to keep the group focused. Take phone calls that are not school related outside of the group.

4. Keep notes of everything you covered in your study group and compare it to the upcoming test objectives to double check if you have covered everything.

5. Teach each other. My NAS 161 teacher taught me the “napkin rule” which is if you can teach something via drawing on a napkin then you understand the material. This could fall into part of pre-planning to divide and conquer different topics.

6. You take what you give. If you don’t bring much to the study group then chances are that you won’t get much out of it.

7. Be courteous to all your classmates. Even though it has nothing to do with studying content, kindness and politeness goes a long way; this includes allowing everyone to speak, not dominating the conversations and respectfully correcting any errors made by your peers and accepting corrections gracefully. Remember, everyone in the group came together to learn from each other.

Happy Studying!

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Let me humor you with a classic Internet sensation..

I wanted to write something funny and what funnier topic than a cat.

His name is Gavin, the name means White Hawk of Battle. He’s almost 1 year old come April 10 with a mixture of black and brown fur and speckles of white. These are the awkward and cute things he’s done since adopting him August 24 2013.

Ran into my leg when it still had Veet on it, resulting losing half of his fur on his face. (classic Gavin-moment).

Licked the rabbit and ended up looking like Master Splinter afterwards.

Chasing his tail in the bathtub only when someone is on the toilet.

Nuzzling butt cheeks when someone is on the toilet. (His nose is uncomfortably cold at times)

Running outside to steal a piece of hay from the rabbit so he can play with it for 20 seconds then hides it under the kitchen mat, his secret place.

When you come home you can expect to find him trotting up to you and exposing all of his belly for you to rub.

He will steal your pizza, his favorite is cheese.

He will cuddle next you if you’re napping without fail.

He’s not fat but fat enough that he has a “tummy pouch” that sways back and forth when he trots.

When he sees a belly button he must paw at it followed by investigating it with his nose inside it.

When I’m eating cereal he props himself on my chair and paws my shoulder to let me know that he’d like the milk for when I’m done.

He refuses to sleep on his fluffy bed but will steal my pillow without hesitation.

If he’s being bad I put him in his bat wings harness Halloween costume; it causes him to forget how to walk.

When I’m doing jigsaw puzzles he loves to steal pieces and put them in his secret spot.

I find my crocheted flowers in the most obscure places: under the mat, in between the sofa cushions, in his water dish, in the toilet.

He has a soft side and can’t stand to be away from his mommy and daddy so he sticks his paws as far as he can reach underneath the door.

Curiously he never figured out how to eat effectively. It takes him 5-10 tries to get a treat in his mouth.

When he plays with the rabbit he spends half the time running away because he tends get mounted.

If he wants love all he does is rub his forehead against mine.


I hope Gavin made your semester a little less painful.




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What Volunteering Can Do For You

One of NOVA’s greatest achievements is hosting numerous charity events and offering volunteer opportunities to faculty and students. For those of you who don’t normally volunteer or never have in past here’s a few things that may encourage you.

You will feel better about yourself. Doing acts of selflessness will never steer you into greed and will teach you humility and compassion. You’ll also see that your life is really not that bad compared to the starving children in third world countries.

It helps to start a network. In the long run it makes a difference to meet people who can help you in the future i.e. getting a job.

You can build your resume’. Hiring managers love to see that in your spare time you love to make a positive difference in the community.

Even though it might seem like work, volunteering can be fun! You meet new people and make conversations memorable. Who knows, you might even re-connect with old friends or meet a friend of a friend, I know it’s happened to me.

If you volunteer for a leadership role, you’ll hone your skills and boost your confidence as a leader.

You’ll always learn something new about the world and maybe yourself.

I never met anyone who said “Volunteering is a waste of my life”, so encourage you to try it at least once.

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